Stress Recovery

4 Ways to Tame Public Enemy #1 – Stress!

You barely fell asleep, and now the alarm is blaring. The children won’t wake up. The baby finally stopped crying. What’s for breakfast? Coffee landed square on your shirt, and you back over the trash cans as you race to two schools to drop off just before the tardy bell. The work day hasn’t even begun!

Our stress response was designed to keep us safe. If in the middle of the forest, we encountered a predator, every muscle in our body would move into Super Human action to get us the hell out of there. But what do we do when predators lurk around every modern corner?


As the coffee fell from your hand – roar! As that guy in the construction van cuts you off – hiss! The moment you realize you forgot to grab your purse – grrr! We might not be in the wild anymore, but our hearts, minds, and bodies think we are.

Every time we encounter a metaphorical tiger, we enter into the not-so-blissful and deeply degenerating state of being called STRESSED.

75-90% of all illness is stress-related. An article in The Huffington Post went so far as to position stress at the top of America’s Most Wanted list for health problems.

When we’re stressed, we hurt more. When we hurt more, we can’t sleep. When we can’t sleep well, we hurt more. When we’re tired, we get more stressed. And the vicious cycle continues. So, what can we do?

  1. Breathe! Taking time to purposely pause and take deep breaths into the nostrils and out of the mouth throughout the day slows the body and can relax us just enough to enter into the amazing state of Rest, Digest, and Heal. This is the opposite of Fight or Flight (aka. The Tiger).
  2. Chill on the caffeine and sugar! They only amp up an already overdriven nervous system. You might feel a bit tired at first, but isn’t that the point – you need some rest!
  3. Go for a slow walk during breaks and nap if you can! Rest is your best friend. Give your brain some down time so you can make choices that are not made in a state of hurry or fear.
  4. Get some good self-care to turn down your nervous system! Reflexology is an amazing modality to push the body out of a stress state and into a rest & heal state. “Researchers have repeatedly shown that reflexology has a positive effect on quality of life, stress, anxiety, and pain”.1 In another study, foot reflexology was found to be a useful intervention for nurses to relieve fatigue and to promote sleep.2


Life starts to feel less rushed and more manageable if you find ways to calm the stress response. Reflexology is instant relaxation. It’s the best Alt-Ctrl-Del your nervous system could ask for.

Schedule a much needed Reflexology Session today, and start down the path to better sleep, a calmer mood, and a return to daily relaxation! Every cell in your body will thank you!

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