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Change Your Thoughts, Change Everything!


We can turn on the toxic, health-depleting stress response by a single thought alone! But some of these thoughts are so subconscious and hardwired that we don’t even realize we’re having them.

And because thoughts become our beliefs, we may walk around with an inner mantra of “I am bad,” “I am worthless,” “I am weak,” “I am unloveable,” or “No one listens to me.” These thoughts (beliefs) come from very real early experiences that you may not even remember happening.

In Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One Dr. Joe Dispenza writes about the crucial stage in childhood brain development where theta waves dominate learning. He notes how “young children are likely to accept what you tell them” and that during this time, what we are told informs what we’ll later believe.  For example, if mom or dad told you to stop or be quiet, yelled at, or hit you when you were a toddler as you were trying to express inner confusion, anxiety, or anger about something you couldn’t yet verbalize, that would be programmed as a belief that it is unsafe to express feelings and trust a parent or adult, which ultimately may translate to an adult belief that you are unloveable, unworthy of care, or should not have your own needs met.

What we are told goes “straight to the subconscious mind, because these slow brain-wave states are the realm of the subconscious” (186). This state of mind is also the time when “we are more programmable because there is no veil between the conscious and subconscious mind” (189). This goes beyond the emotional too. If you had chronic infections of some sort as a child, a parent may have told you that you have weak lungs or a “bad” stomach. These unconscious thoughts become the belief system of your cells at a very physical level too.

To learn to deprogram these toxic beliefs and elevate harmful thoughts to your true loving, high vibrational potential, join me for a 60-day  Journey to restore mind, body, and spirit by reading Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One and using transformative writing, inspired reading, daily mindfulness, and guided meditation to transform those patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you. Each week, you will take part in private, safe, and loving discussion; share your creative exercises; ask questions; and become the you were always mean to be!

May this fall be one of renewal, love, and transformation! Join us!



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