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10 Affirmations for the Post-Election Hangover


As news feeds, screens, and conversations are filled with disbelief, anger, worry, fear, and an equal sum of joy today, let’s remember that collective thought is very, very powerful.

Now might be the perfect time to shut off the TV, shun talk radio, ignore print, and excuse ourselves from political conversations. Instead, let’s manifest the amazing.

What we speak, what we think, becomes reality – it’s called The Law of Attraction – good or bad, it’s exactly what manifested the election night results. Fear is powerful. Collective fear is even more powerful. Let’s put a wrench in the machine. Here are 10 affirmations for the coming week!

  1. My country is peaceful, loving, and joyous.
  2. I am love. In all things, I exude love.
  3. Today is amazing, light-filled, and gorgeous.
  4. The world is vibrant, creative, and warm.
  5. My neighbors welcome me. I welcome my neighbors.
  6. My human experience is love beyond what I can imagine.
  7. All people are capable of kindness and compassion.
  8. This year will be the most awe-inspiring year of our lives.
  9. I am peace. I am filled with peace.
  10. I am The Light that shines brightly through any darkness.

Repeat every. single. day.

For more on affirmations, read Louise Hay’s work. There is power in numbers — be the Light in numbers…



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