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The Full Frost Moon is rising tonight…


so, it’s time to get to within and set an intention to release the thing that has been brought to light all week. For me, this means three straight days of tardy kids, train delays, last-minute obstacles, a “slow” stove clock, and rush, rush, rush. Pure chance? Perhaps! But I think the universe was telling me to finally tackle my aversion to TIME. Ironically, all of our time will be set back Sunday, and if you’re like me — a major wrench in the machine!


The full moon ushers in a time of focused light in the dark — and for many, that laser beam is pointing straight at something you need to address. So, what is that “something” that needs to be transformed in your daily rhythm? How can you be more mindful of it? How can you move into your heart space and bring compassion to the places in you that struggle with it?

In the coming week, I will be more mindful of time (Set Your Intention). I will thank the clock as it ticks away, reminding me of the amazing things I’m setting out to do (Be Grateful). I’m setting my alarm 20 minutes earlier and creating a more loving ritual to get to bed earlier so that my body and children don’t experience “the rush” (we ALL know that feeling) (Take Action). As I bring this new way of being into reality, I’ll also have to be REALLY kind to myself, so I’m wearing the following every day to ground my fear and open my heart (Have Compassion):

3 drops Patchouli
3 drops Ylang Ylang
Primrose Oil as a carrier to top of bottle
(blend all in a 10ml roll on bottle)

This Sunday, as we soak in these transformative full moon energies (which last for three days) and turn our clocks back, I will lead Holy Fire Karuna REIKI heart-based meditation and intention manifesting workshop with healing attunement at Yoga Shala in Dearborn Heights. Each of us needs time to go within Рwithout the interruptions of home and work.

Join us! It’s going to be magical, creative, energizing, and grounding!

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