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WHAT BAD MOON? 3 Ways to Thrive As The Moon Grows and Mercury Goes Retrograde!


Tomorrow morning, Sunday, December 3rd, the Full Cold Supermoon will show us her whole light and at the same time Mercury will go Retrograde. For many, this forebodes a colossal cluster f**k of communication breakdown, energy crazies, and inner havoc, but before you totally freak out, let’s rethink this…

This Full Cold Moon is all wrapped up in Gemini, which means communication, relationships, inner thought, and seriously directed attentions will be front and center. The days leading up to the full moon have brought a spotlight to some major sh*t we need to address within and with out. Think behavior patterns, relationships, physical and emotional issues, sexual being, and about anything or anyone else who has suddenly shown up again (thank you for friending me ex-lover from two decades ago and now I need to relive those failures)!

Mercury also rules communication and will go retrograde, which just means it’s spinning faster than us, so it appears to move backwards – illusion or not, any interactions involving words and thought, travel plans, and electronics seem to take a backslide too…but only if you’re tumbling into the landslide like everyone else.

Ancient wisdom says, the full moon is the perfect time to harvest and pull weeds. It’s a time of clearing, a sweeping away of that which has reached its peak and that which is choking out the good. Each time the bad moon rises we have the opportunity to reap what we have sowed in the past weeks since the new moon, and for many of us…that mindful moment of energy passed us by, so with each full moon we’re pulling up weeds from months and years past.

We’re reaching the closure of our year, and now is the exact time you need to take inventory of the past 11 months. Now is the exact time you need to celebrate what you have grown and thankfully uproot all that you’ve outgrown. I propose that the next three weeks will be absolutely cathartic and amazing…but only if we’re mindful and poised to rethink everything!

  1. Communication Breakdowns do NOT have to happen!

This full moon is challenging us to sweep away the ill interactions that have plagued us since the last New Year. If you have broken down a connection through unkind, mindless words, thoughts, or behaviors – fix it now! And we fix through compassion. For one, forgive yourself for whatever conflict has arisen – and next, let your guard down and kill the relationship with kindness and humility. Be humbled the next three weeks. Keep a journal of any conflicts you see arising or that need clearing, and write out a plan for how you will approach them with love. Love will make them fall away…or simply WALK AWAY! Refuse to be a player.

  1. Energy Drains do NOT have to happen!

If you are truly watching your thoughts, words, and deeds with pure compassion and love, you will be restored. For the next few weeks, resist the temptation to “go at it” with family members, loved ones, and co-workers – when you see a fist, throw out the daisies. Do the OPPOSITE of aggression. Refuse to be a mirror to aggression, low self-worth, and judgement. And this means within yourself too. If you notice an inner judgement, immediately counter it with a loving I AM statement.

This is also where SELENITE is an amazing ally! This gypsum crystal is named from Selene, Greek goddess of the bright side of the moon. Sleep with selenite under your pillow and carry a piece in your pocket. Put a selenite wand under each bare foot and work away! You can also attend a full moon circle or energy healing meditation.


  1. Travel Hell and Cyber Much do NOT have to happen!

And we’re back to mindfulness! Before you start typing that email, be mindful of the addressee. Don’t procrastinate with paying bills, making arrangements, and heading out to meetings. Leave 15 minutes early for EVERYTHING. Again, everyone and everything else may be moving backwards, but you’re ahead of that shit! If you’re a REIKI practitioner, send distant energy to your day, emails, phone calls, road trips, etc. Not Reiki attuned yet? Get a hands-on or distant Reiki session or do a 5-minute meditation visualizing the day ahead of you. See each interaction with premeditated harmony, ease, and love. See yourself loving your boss. See yourself calling mom way before she has to call you. See yourself smiling through each human connection.

All of this close attention calls for some serious body calm and restore, so take frequent epsom salt/dead sea salt baths; smudge your spaces with Palo Santo or White Sage; diffuse citrus essential oils and apply diluted Patchouli liberally; brew up and drink lots of nettles and oat straw; and SLEEP for goddess’ sake.

patchouli-herb jpg

Seriously, if you practice these things for the next three weeks until Mercury goes direct (Sept 21-22), your whole being will shift. The weeding will get easier, because those deeply rooted old conflicts and sticky situations will unravel with your new vibration. You will have cleared out so much, you’ll won’t recognize yourself. This is a time of undoing and redoing…wake up tomorrow with renewed joy for the days ahead!

The New Moon will bring her infinite magic for manifesting on December 18th, and you’ll so be ready for this. The longest night of year, the Winter Solstice is also coming on December 21st. LIGHT is on the way, so much light!

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