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The Super Blue Blood Moon: Light to Dark

Whenever Moon comes full, we’re reminded of the perfect cyclic waxing and waning that happens every 29.5 days. This number is also the average length of a female cycle. Multiply that by nine and you have birth. The ocean tides, human heart beat, and blood pressure – all Moon influenced – also share a sacred geometry.


Yesterday, we experienced a once in 150-years phenomenon – a Super Blue Blood Moon! It was a Full Moon, but became super because the Moon orbited a little closer to the Earth this month making it appear closer than usual. The blue element was added because this moon cycle happened to land a full moon twice in the same month. And the blood part means a lunar eclipse! This happens when Earth aligns directly between Sun and Moon, and the Moon falls into the Earth’s shadow; however, the sun’s light still scatters onto the moon and appears reddish. And this is the perfect metaphor for the moon work we should all do this month!

Even though there is eclipse, total darkness, the Sun’s influence is still scattered on the Moon’s shadowed surface to reveal facets of the moon in gorgeous new light. So, with this Snow Moon – what shadows are we finding on our own facades?

The Full Moon is typically thought of as a time of harvest and pulling of weeds, but instead of using this as a literal metaphor to shed or expel something dark or unwanted from our being, maybe we can use it as a time to see a darkened space anew and fully integrate into who we are right now.

The Grape Harvest by Jules Bastien-Lepage, 1880 Van Gogh Museum

Imagine the broken journey of Light making its way from Sun to Moon during this rare window. Imagine the fragmentation as each beam seeks a space to find home. We see the Moon differently, more beautifully because of this, because only the darkest spaces are illuminated.

How has the Light scattered on our being this week? What patterns have been brought into view? Which memories? Which shadow sides of ourselves that are normally left dark? Now is the time to use Light and Love to journey to them and bring them home, to integrate them into our whole selves.

Meditation & Journaling Ideas:

  1. Breathe into your heart space. Reflect on the recurring theme of the past week. What has come up for you? If you listen carefully with wide eyes during the week before a Full Moon, it becomes very clear. (Use Patchouli & Ylang Ylang over your heart chakra)
  2. Choose an Angel Card, Earth Magic card, or other card from an oracle deck. Use this as metaphor for how to journey to that darkened space or how to bring that aspect of yourself home again – how to accept it, love it, forgive it, and be with it. Breath deep down into your lower belly. Imagine light moving from the crown chakra illuminating all that you are from chakra to chakra. What comes up as you think of the card in this way? (Use Basil & Cedarwood over the crown chakra and wrists)
  3. Breathe into your heart space. Feel your lungs filling completely, expanding completely, opening fully. Imagine this opening and expansion moving to the throat. What are three things that prevent you from integrating this aspect: an experience, memory, desire, or belief? Some common things are unresolved anger, lack of forgiveness, shame, doubt, embarrassment, and sadness. Expressively write through these possibilities. (Use Rock Rose & Spruce behind the neck/throat chakra and over the lungs)
  4. Move your breath all the way to the Earth. Imagine pulling Mother energy from the floor, footings, soil, clay, bedrock beneath you. Spiral this energy upward into all spaces of your being. If there was nothing preventing you from integrating that part of your being, your experience, what would your life look like? What would you feel like? (Use Vetiver & Myrrh on the base of the tailbone/root chakra)

Writing is powerful. We are uniquely blessed with the power of the Word. What we put into language, whether that be thought, action, or speech, we manifest.

Use this gorgeous Snow Moon to bring light to something that is dark, to bring that darkness close to your heart, to transmute it, or simply be with it. We are all things – light and dark. To close off one is to close off the other.


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