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Tending Your Garden: Full Moon Wisdom to Carry You Through

Even though we had a quick return of snow this week, the ground beneath has begun to soften enough for earthworms to reappear, which calls in the return of robins and migrating birds—a true sign of spring. The geese have been squawking again! And we have much soul work to do.

Roots are starting to push their way up through the soil; bulbs are green and budded through last fall’s fallen leaves, petals, and needles; the Earth is re-experiencing birth as it awakens from its winter slumber. And we are doing the same.

We are awakening after our winter slumber. We are coming back into the light, being reborn into this new astrological year. The sun is in Pisces, the final sign, a water sign. Think of rivers, streams, the collapse of ice into lakes, and oceanic waves pushing through frosty loam. Pisces is about the reawakening of flow, of Earth’s waters and our body’s waters, but Thursday night’s FULL MOON fell in Virgo. And Virgo brings us all the structure, grounding, and nurturing we need to begin moving into our hearts and tending our gardens in a methodical and committed way.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 10.02.53 AM
From now until the NEW MOON on Saturday, March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day morning) and Spring Equinox on Tuesday, March 20thwe are especially guided to tend our gardens, to nourish and turn over our soils as we plant the seeds we’ve dreamed of during these past dark months. With these full moon energies, we are called to release our need to control all things and to ALLOW our dreams to foster magic through our Hearts. Now is the time of deep heart reconnection. This is where your garden resides.

So, one challenge is to find perfection in imperfection: trust in the perfect cycle of growth that Spring brings. Even though we have a need to sweep away the soggy leaves, rip up remaining weeds, and eradicate evidence of the last season of decay and darkness, trust in your ability to love all things unconditionally just as they are, mostly about yourself. Let nature – your body, mind, and spirit – be just as it is. Take note of it, because you have much tending and planting to do in the months ahead. The energy is conspiring for you!

And as you do this, become aware of the tail-enders that prevent you from inhabiting your whole heart (a place of unconditional love and acceptance)! This is the space from which we manifest in this world and realize perfect mind-body health.

Although we have a tendency to lean into affirmations of the positive, it does it little good if unconsciously we’re tacking on our mind’s “truths.” For example, “My garden is gorgeous and filled with perfect growth.” Okay, we can say this, but in reality, we may be standing in a stinking landfill. Saying it’s a garden doesn’t change what your feet are standing in. Your mind knows what you’re unconsciously standing in and it’s happy to throw on a protective ending – “My garden is gorgeous and filled with perfect growth…but there’s no way it will ever be that; it’s too toxic.” This is the tail ender! These come from our mind’s protection mechanisms that think they’re keeping us safe. And yes, our mind is wired to keep us safe from anything we perceived as a threat when we were children – believing you can do well is a very real threat if it was met with parental or teacher criticism when you were just a kid (EFT works wonders for tending the garden to mulch away these wirings).

So, don’t shy away from or overanalyze the feelings that come up. Accept them. Shine light on your tail-enders. When you do this, you take away their power. Really think about why you wouldn’t want to succeed, lose weight, hold onto money, stand in ideal health – think about the stories that were given to you by adults when you were younger. Think about your earliest experiences. Move into a heart-based meditation, and just let those thoughts or feelings bathe in unconditional love of the heart, and flow through like a river and return to Earth. And dream away – dreamwork is a place to override the mind! You’ll find all that needs tending when you ask for dream guidance and keep a dream journal.


Finally, when the second full Moon of March – the Full Blue Sap Moon – comes on the 31st, it will bring a deeper flow, as the trees, the maple begins to create again. There is lots to tune into the next two week. Much Love!

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