Stress Recovery

Self-Care 101: Sesame Oil Massage

Never wait until you’re already depleted to create your self-care ritual. Loving self-care restores, inspires, and energizes ♥️ What is your plan for self-care today?
Sesame oil massage is the perfect way to bring nervous system calm. This can be preformed from toe to head with long and circular strokes each morning or in the evening before a hot bath or shower, an hour before bed. Oil massage nourishes the body and deepens sleep! It also 
  1. Promotes longevity!
  2. Supports healthy muscle tone.
  3. Keeps the joints lubricated.
  4. Benefits good circulation.
  5. Brings energy to all the organs.
  6. Helps us move toxins out of the body.
  7. Detoxes through increased lymph movement.
  8. Increases energy.
  9. Restores skin – wrinkles and all…

Take a hot bath or shower this evening at least an hour before bedtime. Before stepping in, massage your body from toe to head with organic unrefined sesame oil. (1)

Learn more about the ancient Ayurvedic practice of Abhyanga here.

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