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4 Ways Heart-Based Reiki Restores Resilience

Heart-based Reiki restores us, making us heartier and more resilient in the face of  any twist or turn on our journeys. Whether receiving from a practitioner or practicing a self-Reiki session, when dropping into the heart field, Reiki restores mind, body, and spirit to create holistic resilience at a profound level:

  • Emotional resilience – flexibility, positive emotional states, calmness needed for  mindfulness (non-reactivity), compassion
  • Spiritual resilience – loving kindness to other’s beliefs and openness to subtle guidance and connection
  • Mental resilience – healthy focus, attention, clarity, creativity, and confidence
  • Physical resilience – renewed strength, endurance, healthy bodily rhythms, and activation of the natural self-healing mechanisms

The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field of the human body and is measurable by 10 feet in all directions. This is our heart chakra! On ECG, it has 60 times greater amplitude than the brain field recorded on EEG. That is why our mood, heart rhythm, muscle tension, and even hair can stand on end when we’re mingling in the field of another person whose heart field is chaotic. Checking into our heart and restoring heart field (energetics) coherence is so important.

Restoring heart energetics restores the nervous system! Our hearts are connected directly to our brains as if we all have tiny holographic nervous systems within our hearts, mirroring the larger nervous system that is woven through our bodies. Intense emotional upset and trauma has even been shown to precipitate heart failure.

Restoring heart energetics restores hormone balance! Our hearts are even shown to be hormone producing, as it “also manufactures and secretes oxytocin, which can act as a neurotransmitter and commonly is referred to as the love or social bonding hormone. Beyond its well-known functions in childbirth and lactation, oxytocin also has been shown to be involved in cognition, tolerance, trust and friendship and the establishment of enduring pair-bonds.”¹

Restoring heart energetics restores positive mood! The heart even “contains cells that synthesize and release catecholamines (norepinephrine, epinephrine and dopamine), which are neurotransmitters once thought to be produced only by neurons in the brain and ganglia.”² These neurotransmitters are key players in addiction issues, anxiety, harmful chronic stress responses, insomnia, aggression, irritability, fatigue, diabetes, heart muscle weakness, arterial blockage, memory issues, and feelings of overwhelm.

When moving into heart coherence, studies have shown that healers can literally wind and unwind DNA, eliciting healthier states.³ Science is already emerging, proving that having a bad gene is far from a death sentence. It’s about whether or not that gene is expressed – and chronic stress and trauma are the biggest predictors of that happening. What if you could turn off those switches that bring imbalance and switch back on the good genes that were shut down by emotional trauma or physical stress?

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And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The human heart’s intelligence is just now being discovered, and bringing a heart-based Reiki practice into daily life is one way to restore heart field coherence and mind, body, spirit resilience. 


  1. Receive heart-based Reiki from a practitioner who practices Heart Math, heart-based grounding, or loving kindness meditation — and brings this coherence into their sessions.
  2. Give yourself a heart-based Reiki session. Drop breathing into the heart space, bathe in the compassion of your heart – as if the breath comes from the heart and no where else – and then ask that Reiki flow into and from your heart center (use the power & emotional symbols if level 2 or holy fire symbol if master level).
  3. Become attuned to Reiki healing! Take a Reiki I class that incorporates loving kindness meditation, heart-based grounding, Heart Math, or other heart coherence building techniques.

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