Stress Recovery

Harvest Moon 28-Days of Letting Go and Realigning!

Merry Full Harvest Moon CHALLENGE This IS the time to do what nature is doing – letting go of everything that isn’t absolutely necessary. For the next 28 days until the moon grows full again, join me for a journey of letting go and restoring!!!
DAY 1: Take stock of your life. Take a few moments to journal where you are (at this exact moment, not an ideal moment or last year) with the following areas of your life. Be honest!
🍁🍁🍁Health, Relationships, Work, Creative Life, Spirituality, Connection with Nature, and Money.🍁🍁🍁
Now, CREATE AN INTENTION FOR EACH AREA for the next 28 days – use “I Am” statements instead of negative. For example, “I am very responsible with spending while shopping online.” (LOL – true, not, story). You can either commit to hold all intentions for the 7 categories each day or you can choose the one that is important to you. Following through completely with 1 is WAY more powerful than biting off more change than you can chew.
Write your intentions out, post them in the bathroom, office, fridge, car, etc. – set reminders for them. Here are more examples:
  • I walk outside for at least 15 minutes every day.
  • I spend one hour uninterrupted checking and responding to emails and nothing else.
  • I am fully present with no distractions when with my children, partner, or friend for one hour each day.
  • I try out one new spiritual group, gathering, or center this moon!
  • I write in my journal each night before bed.
  • I practice yoga daily, even if it’s just one asana.
  • I drink 9 glasses of good spring water daily.
28 days of clearing exercises are from Denise Linn’s book “Soul Coaching.”

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