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Mercury Retrograde Thriving

Mercury goes Retrograde this Saturday until December 6th. Yes, another retrograde is upon us – and just in time for a big family dinner. This cycle will be felt most intensely by Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces souls!

During this time, we usually feel into and experience major issues with communication, travel delays, tech issues, and work f’ups due to communication issues, travel delays, and tech issues! So, be very mindful of planning anything. Be very mindful of what comes out of your mouth and from the tips of your fingers. Mindfulness is key!

Mercury gets a bad wrap for these things, but there really is a silver lining if you choose to see one. 1/You get to be extra mindful for 3 weeks of your life. 2/You will take great care with the things you say to others and how you perceive words from others. 3/The shadow side to everything will become illuminated, especially with the full moon waxing to light. This is a time to do some deep healing work before the New Year. 4/You get to take more time to yourself, sort of thriving out at home. Read books, take hot baths, and watch movies. 5/Those parts of yourself that you usually deny or repress will rise up. It’s time to integrate all that you are, which is beautiful.

Plants are our allies at this time too. Arsenicum Album 30c is very protective to the emotional and ancestral body. I take a dose in the am. Palo Santo is deeply protective. Smudge your body before you leave and when you arrive home. Damiana lifts and strengthens the spirit. Cedarwood wards away shadows. Cardamom, cayenne, and cinnamon help you digest all that is unfolding.

This is also a beautiful time to partake in sauna ritual with birch leaf tea or birch bark soap! Birch helps us remember our true selves. There’s an amazing Sauna Center at 8 Mile Rd & Grand River Rd – a true gem in the rough with real Finnish wet sauna.

Restore boundaries, strength, and protection as we go retrograde THIS SATURDAY! Register at Bikram Yoga Midtown Detroit.

1-3pm Bikram Yoga Midtown (1)

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