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Questions for An Aries Time

During these intensely fiery times that are filled with immense change, fast moving media clips, disruption of routine, and uncertainty, the energies of Aries are conspiring for us, with us. The fire element is all about beginning anew – think of new galaxies exploding into being, buds bursting from the ground, volcanoes pouring fire onto landscapes, transmuting them, and offering a deep glimpse into the depths. This is the energy we’re in.

This first sign of the astrological zodiac begs us to take action, to make a new start, to create and manifest from our fiery heart center. Even though we’re within our homes and seemingly non-moving in many ways, our bodies, minds, and spirits are yearning to make in new ways. Action can begin with the simple act of the Word, writing down things that you commit to and want to change. This is a time for Active Observation, to become the observer of obstacles, to burn them up, and to put things into motion for whatever you want to create! Every other living thing around us is marching forward and growing…and so are we.


Freewrite for 5 minutes each on the following (don’t let your pen leave the paper or your fingers leave the keys – magic happens when we create with our words):

  • What is my heartfelt mission, my purpose (this changes with time, and after the events of the past few weeks, this has probably radically shifted for you)?
  • What does it feel like, truly feel like in your heart space when you are in full alignment with your heartfelt mission, your values, and what you are creating?
  • What are two things that snuff your flame, that cool your embers and pull you away from what you’re wanting to create (relationships, individuals, fears, emotions, beliefs, physical states)?
  • What are three things I’m trying to manifest (make in this world) that I am deeply moved to create?

Have a beautiful Aries season!

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