AromaKi™ Chakra Balancing Blends are created to bring balance to the seven major energy centers of the human body, and for grounding and reconnecting. Perfect for meditation, energy medicine practitioners, daily balancing use, and those on holistic healing journeys.


From children’s grounding blends and nourishing therapeutic body butters to formulations designed to support the gorgeously unique biodynamic inner workings of men and women, AromaKi™ Essential Oil Blends are inspired by the beauty of nature’s supportive force in the human experience of men, women, and children.


All AromaKi™ essential oil products are crafted using only the most pure and potent essential oils. Each roll on blend comes in a convenient, 10ml glass amber bottle and is diluted with nut-free grapeseed oil. Therapeutic butters and salts use organic and unrefined ingredients whenever possible.

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