For thousands of years, the whole herb and essence (essential oils) of plants have been used to help the body heal, spiritually awaken, emotionally uplift, purify rooms and objects, and tonify the energy system. Plants heal us!

Most essential oils are extracted through careful steam distillation, but they are also extracted through cold pressing. Through extraction, essential oils become much more powerful than the plants from which they were taken. They are nature’s purest essence!

We are drawn to the that which will heal us. If you’re absolutely in love with the smell of fresh rose petals, there’s a reason! They contain the highest vibration essential oil there is. If you raise your vibration, it is harder for dis-ease to set into the body. All dis-ease has low vibration and roots into low vibration states.

When we inhale essential oils, each activates our brain’s center of emotion and memory, our primitive limbic system, a bit differently. Some calm, while others energize. Some inspire, while others center. Essential oils bring meditative states and help us be higher spiritual beings. They also support vital bodily systems and organs. When given proper support, our innate abilities to heal begin to come into powerful balance.

Essential oils and oil-infused products can also support optimal physical wellness. Our modern lifestyles are too fast. Often we’re stuck with poor diets, little exercise, and a bombardment of environmental toxins that sap our vital energies. Oils can cleanse the body and support healthy weight to help you maintain your ideal physical being. They can also naturally cleanse and purify all of the spaces you inhabit, eliminating surface and airborne toxins.

Reconnect with your spirit; strengthen your body; and rediscover Joy, Peace, Love, and Contentment with essential oils. Use these healing oils to diffuse into the air to directly stimulate the limbic system or support lung and immune health. Or use topically with a simple roll-on, massage, bath, foot soak, or reflexology treatment.

It is never too late to unwind the past, strengthen the body, reconnect with the soul, and begin anew!

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