Full & Waning Moon Circles

As the full moon opens and comes to full light, experience the alchemy of Full Moon Reiki Healing Meditations and Circles with Intention, Guided Meditation, Ancient Aromas, Grounding Exercises, Moon & Seasonal Lore, Creative Journaling, Symbolic Talisman Making, Sacred Space, Healing Energy Attunements, Crystal Work, Henna Art, and so much more. Themes and activities change to bring forth unique monthly experiences. Soak in full moon energies guided to shift mind, body, and soul, creating subtle transformation in your quantum field. Bring new stories into being by clearing out the old! Open to men and women!

REGISTER for the SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21ST 3-5:15pm
Full Moon Reiki Meditation & Crystal Workshop
at Yoga Shala West Dearborn. Traveler’s Stones!

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