Waxing/Full Moon Circles


Waxing Moon Holy Fire REIKI Meditation + Sacred Plants Workshop

at Bikram Yoga Midtown Detroit!

As the Frost Moon waxes to full light, experience the alchemy of a Holy Fire Reiki Meditation and Moon Energies Workshop, exploring Sacred Plants & Aromas, Stories of Mythic Creatures, Archetypal Work, Creative Journaling, Guided Meditation, and Sacred Space to Reconnect as we move into winter. Everyone will receive Palo Santo and experience an ancient aroma blend and sacred herbal infusion!

Soak in waxing moon energies guided to shift mind, body, and soul, creating subtle transformation in your quantum field. You will experience a group Karuna/Holy Fire Reiki Meditation that will move the energy of Divine Love wholly and powerfully through all chakras to open healing channels and reconnect body to Earth and Source to bring healing to a specific aspect of your being.

Bring new stories into being by transforming that which no longer serves you on your journey and return the all parts of your being, home! Open to men and women! Bring journal/pen, yoga mat, blanket, pillow — and dress comfortably! $25/ person

1-3pm Bikram Yoga Midtown (1).png