Reflexology Services

REFLEXOLOGY for Postpartum Healing $60
(50-minute session)
Immediately after birth through the first four months, radical changes and rebalancing take place. Reflexology supports the body during this time as it establishes new hormone levels, and heals from labor and delivery. Focus is given to help heal the entire pelvic region, support sleep, reduce fatigue, balance mood, and restore energy flow.

REFLEXOLOGY for Pregnancy $60
(50-minute session)
A multitude of physical and emotional changes take place throughout pregnancy. Bring balance and relaxation; and ease swelling, constipation, aches & pains, and other pregnancy woes with this gentle prenatal session designed for the second and third trimesters. Prenatal Reflexology is perfect for first trimester support.

REFLEXOLOGY for Relaxation and Wellness $60
(50-minute session)

90% of all dis-ease is stress related! This relaxation session focuses on the brain and nervous system to create a calmer inner state. When the body is relaxed, pain is lessened, sleep is deeper, mood is lighter, and energy is boosted. Emphasis is also given to any bodily systems or organs that are indicated.

For those who cannot travel or find it hard to fit a session in on-site, you may book a travel session. Please email to schedule an at-home session.

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