Reiki Services

(50-minute session)
From conception to birth, babies are pure light and love. Bring this same high vibration to your body throughout your pregnancy. Reiki will flow to all areas needing invigoration, replenishing, and extra love. Reiki will also be given to womb and baby. Perfect for all stages of pregnancy.

HEART-BASED REIKI for Relaxation and Wellness $60
(50-minute session)

Reiki is pure love. It is the light that shines in every living thing. Through Reiki, deep healing of mind, body, and spirit can be experienced through profound relaxation, reconnection, restoring, and balancing. Emphasis will be given to any areas that need to be restored.

For those who cannot travel or find it hard to fit a session in on-site, you may book a travel session. Please email to schedule an at-home session.

(30-minute remote session)
A Reiki session can be done during a scheduled time to any location. Distant Reiki is very powerful and transcends time or space. We will speak before and after the scheduled session. To schedule a distant Reiki session for yourself or a loved one, email

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