Wild Woman Project New Moon Circles


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Register for Yoga Shala (West Dearborn) at www.yogashala313.com/workshops
Register for Nature’s Playhouse (Ferndale) at www.naturesplayhouse.com

In each Wild Woman Project Circle, we will explore a monthly theme (to be announced on FB & Instagram) that is based on a year-long exploration by experiencing an herbal infusion (tea); heart-centered or Yoga Nidra meditation; moon/folk lore; expressive & creative writing; a take-home hands-on project like candle making, herbal blending, craft, etc.; sharing of intention; sisterhood; energy medicine techniques; and more.

The sacred gathering of women is ancient, and this space is where we remember and reclaim our instinctive, innate power to heal, manifest, create, and birth peace within and in this natural world. Where two or more women form a circle, magic emerges.

October begins our year-long exploration into
Tiny Revolutions: Unfurling the Soul of the World

Building on the inner awareness we’ve cultivated 
through years of rich exploration 
of our esoteric & mystical natures, 
rooted in our bodies,
connected to our living home here on Earth,
we consciously turn toward the World.

:::A revolution is the action by a celestial body of going round in an orbit or elliptical course.

:::A revolution is a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something.

:::A revolution is a change in paradigm.

Bring journal/pen, tea mug, yoga mat, blanket, pillow — and dress comfortably! Please arrive 10 minutes early to get tea and settled.


Our circle welcomes women of all spiritual centerings and world views and is led by Tanja Krupa, Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, Ama-Deus® practitioner, Wild Woman Project Circle Leader, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Aromatherapist, herbalist, and writer.


Reconnect with your inner goddess, healer, creatrix, sister, and wild woman. Restore sacred community and play in new moon energies with other amazing women for one night. Awaken your magical intuition and profound powers to manifest!

Bring journal/pen, tea mug, yoga mat, blanket, pillow — and dress comfortably!

Space is limited to 16 women.
2-2.5 hours. $30/wild woman.

SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE: Email tanja@BeWellHolistic.net

What is the Wild Woman Project?
The Wild Woman Project is at once a philosophy (an invigorating approach to life as a wondrous, often messy, creative project) & a growing movement of courageous, creative, heart centered (often weird & wonderful) women on a mission to remember, to reimagine what it means to be a woman – untamed.

With an eye toward the greater good, a love for the natural world, and a tendency for loud belly laughs, we at The Wild Woman Project aim to weave a web of radiant, creative & loving women who live from the heart and open to every moment.

What is the Wild Woman Project Mission?
To awaken women to their most authentic, undomesticated nature, so they may feel like themselves, all the time, no apologies.