Stress Recovery

The Power of Affirmation. I AM Restored.

Morning bliss*

Affirmations rewire our brains. They flood us with positive, feel good hormones and neurotransmitters that reinforce the statement. When we speak in the positive, we actually form new clusters in the brain that are good…very good!

The I AM statement is the most powerful there is. Every time you say, “I am so sick,” “I am tired,” “I am angry,” “I am poor,” you are manifesting that state of being and forming neural pathways to support that negative state.

From a purely energetic standpoint, you are also creating that feeling or physical set point by telling the universe that it exists. You are the “I am.” To be is everything. You are a divine creator! Don’t say what you do not wish to be!

Each day, say aloud, “I am restored.” And so it will be.

What are you giving life to with your word?

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