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Harvest Moon 28-Days of Letting Go and Realigning!

Merry Full Harvest Moon CHALLENGE ✨ This IS the time to do what nature is doing – letting go of everything that isn’t absolutely necessary. For the next 28 days until the moon grows full again, join me for a journey of letting go and restoring!!!   DAY 1: Take stock of your life. Take a… Continue reading Harvest Moon 28-Days of Letting Go and Realigning!

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Tending Your Garden: Full Moon Wisdom to Carry You Through

We are awakening after our winter slumber. We are coming back into the light, being reborn into this new astrological year. The sun is in Pisces, the final sign, a water sign. Think of rivers, streams, the collapse of ice into lakes, and oceanic waves pushing through frosty loam. Pisces is about the reawakening of flow, of Earth’s waters and our body’s waters, but Thursday night’s FULL MOON fell in Virgo. And Virgo brings us all the structure, grounding, and nurturing we need to begin moving into our hearts and tending our gardens in a methodical and committed way.

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The Super Blue Blood Moon: Light to Dark

Whenever Moon comes full, we’re reminded of the perfect cyclic waxing and waning that happens every 29.5 days. This number is also the average length of a female cycle. Multiple that by nine and you have birth. The ocean tides, human heart beat, and blood pressure – all Moon influenced – also share a sacred geometry.