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Questions for An Aries Time

During these intensely fiery times that are filled with immense change, fast moving media clips, disruption of routine, and uncertainty, the energies of Aries are conspiring for us, with us. The fire element is all about beginning anew – think of new galaxies exploding into being, buds bursting from the ground, volcanoes pouring fire onto… Continue reading Questions for An Aries Time

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7 Ways to Get Your S*%t Together After Retrograde

The dust has finally settled, and you’re left holding a nice box filled with wtf happened. After three weeks of intense emotional stirring, communication flubs, relationship realignment, soul wrenching reflection, and ghosts from the past rising up, it’s time for some grounding and balance! Here’s what to do…

Stress Recovery

Mercury Retrograde Thriving

Mercury goes Retrograde this Saturday until December 6th. Yes, another retrograde is upon us – and just in time for a big family dinner. This cycle will be felt most intensely by Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces souls! During this time, we usually feel into and experience major issues with communication, travel delays, tech issues, and work… Continue reading Mercury Retrograde Thriving

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Harvest Moon 28-Days of Letting Go and Realigning!

Merry Full Harvest Moon CHALLENGE ✨ This IS the time to do what nature is doing – letting go of everything that isn’t absolutely necessary. For the next 28 days until the moon grows full again, join me for a journey of letting go and restoring!!!   DAY 1: Take stock of your life. Take a… Continue reading Harvest Moon 28-Days of Letting Go and Realigning!