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7 Ways to Get Your S*%t Together After Retrograde

The dust has finally settled, and you’re left holding a nice box filled with wtf happened. After three weeks of intense emotional stirring, communication flubs, relationship realignment, soul wrenching reflection, and ghosts from the past rising up, it’s time for some grounding and balance! Here’s what to do…

  1. Practice Self-Compassion. First, practice self-compassion for any thoughtless words or actions these past few weeks. Move into your heart space, and affirm, “I accept and forgive myself.” Then, connect with Source, God, Universe, Creator (whatever you’re aligned with), and ask to know what it feels like to accept and forgive yourself. Visualize this feeling moving into every cell of your body, throughout all levels of your belief systems and energy field.
  2. Apologize. Send a heartfelt note to anyone you didn’t gel with during retrograde. Simply state what you’re apologizing for and express gratitude to them for at least one positive aspect, and refrain from explaining why you did what you did. Excuses suck and are sort of like saying, “I did what I did, but it’s okay because it wasn’t really my fault because of X, Y, and Z.” Move into your heart space and imagine love filling the recipient when they read your note. Imagine cutting any cords between your energy body and theirs.
  3. Love Plant Medicine. Plants are our allies. Use aromatherapy to strengthen the nervous system (we’re all a little frazzled now) and open the heart center (when we feel threatened, we constrict this space). See recipe below!!! We’ll create DIY roll-on take home blends at circle Sunday too!


  1. Journal. Write without stopping for five minutes (use a timer), completing the following statement – “In the past few weeks, the universe has really been telling me that…” Then, read your reflection and notice any patterns or beliefs that need healing. Choose one, and make a commitment to bring healing to this area before the New Year. Really dig into it.
  2. Move Your Body. Self-loathing can rise up during these times because we’re confronting our shadows, our shame and self-judgement. It’s really important to reconnect with your body and breath, to know what it feels like to feel strong and have flow with every muscle and bone. Yoga flow is perfect for this. Bikram yoga is perfect for this. Walking is very integrative too.
  3. Reconnect with Nature. Get grounded by spending time hiking (yes! even in the cold), visiting a botanical garden, butterfly conservatory, or another green space. The Detroit Zoo is perfect, think trees, animals, warm conservatories! Feel Mother Earth’s energies moving into your feet and rising up through your body!
  4. Expand Your Mind. Yoga Nidra. Those two words will be your favorite experience now. Bring your brain into relaxing alpha state, then meditative theta, and finally deeply restorative delta waves, all the while reprogramming the mind and body to experience equanimity, wholeness, and peace. I love this one by Richard Miller or join us at the Wild Woman New Moon Circle this Sunday in Ferndale for a guided Yoga Nidra post-retrograde.

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